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E44 Financial is a niche financial advisory firm that advises private and corporate clients on investment and insurance matters. 


E44 is a niche financial advisory firm working with private and corporate clients across a range of investment and insurance matters. 

We employ a tailored strategy for our clients through best-in-class product providers, constructing a holistic plan which delivers a robust financial roadmap.

E44 Financial are a regulated group of companies with a truly global reach, operating across four jurisdictions, with a physical presence in the United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates.

Due to the diverse nature of global financial regulation, we may communicate with you through the most appropriate entity in line with the rules of the jurisdiction based on your nationality or residential status.

6 Reasons to become a client


E44 Financial offers a wide range of investment products and services to improve our clients’ lives. Our four-step review helps you discover what you need.


We firmly believe in wealth creation and preservation methods for life that provide a constantly evolving strategy with a real prospect of above-average returns whilst shielding the portfolio. Many clients come to us to help them track and monitor their finances, pulling together their past financial life; we help clients understand their position by making overly complex reports and complicated products and acronyms simple.

Retirement planning

Planning for retirement is undoubtedly one of the most essential elements for our clients; not only are we living longer, but the financial markets are seemingly more volatile and complex. At E44 we are fortunate to employ some of the leading pension specialists in the marketplace, having advised on over $750 million of global pension transfers for international clients. Our retirement strategies mean that some of our clients can retire earlier without any transition in their lifestyle.

Protection & Estate planning

Protecting against the unknown is often overlooked; life runs smoothly until you remove the breadwinner from the equation. Life insurance is one area that advisors so often overlook; at E44, we consider life protection to be one of the main pillars of a financial plan.

Putting the appropriate level of cover in place for the family in case of the unfortunate death of a primary income earner will enable the family to stay financially self-dependent so that there is no compromise in their lifestyle.

Mortgage arranging

A Mortgage is often the single most significant debt we will ever borrow in our lives, and our home is the most substantial investment. Choosing the right mortgage requires careful thought and evaluation, supported by independent professional advice. Too many clients rush into a mortgage arrangement without checking the terms and how they fit their life goals.


Our four-step review helps you discover what you need.


We conduct a meeting to complete a "Wealth Analysis", which documents your current finances and objectives, and highlights any areas where there may be some shortcomings in exposure to risk or returns.

report & strategy

After assessing the "Wealth Analysis" results, the Independent Financial Advisor will prepare a report using E44 financial software. At that point, we give guidance regarding investment products and strategies that match your needs and objectives.


Our advisors and administrative team will complete the paperwork if you are ready to proceed with any recommendations.

ongoing review

We will receive regular reviews and statements, subject to any specific request. Financial advice should be a holistic, long-term plan to ensure you are in the strongest financial position to achieve your goals in life.

global reach


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Once we understand your investor profile, we may re-categorise you or ask you to self-certify your status under the relevant jurisdiction.



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